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     Why use Concierge Mediation firm for a divorce?  Divorce is contentious.  There are issues that need to be resolved in order for a divorce to take place.  Your two choices.  Hire an experienced family law attorney.  Attorneys can only represent on party.  One for the husband, one for the wife.  If attorneys cannot resolve the issues, the court will require mediation.  Now  you have two attorneys and one mediator.  Average cost of an experienced family law attorney is between $350 and $500.00 per hour. An experienced family law mediator is between $300 to $400.00 per hour.  A good average for the litigation is $1,100.00 per hour.  Figure about 10 hours or $11,000.00 to resolve the issues.  Add document and court costs of $1,500.00.  The cost of the divorce would be $12,500.00.  Can it cost more, yes!

     If the parties take into consideration the potential cost of a divorce, they may want to conserve the marital assets, which would leave more to divide.  Keeping your emotions in check, the parties can hire a mediation firm.  Mediators like attorneys have areas of expertise.  Finance, tax law, family law mediation.  A legal concierge firm can provide these services.  Using mediation a divorce can cost less than $4,000.00. 

     Divorcenters, Inc. is a concierge mediation firm.  Give us a call, we provide a limited free consultation.  You do not need to leave home.  The parties can be in different cities or states or countries.  Our Our mediations are done by Zoom.. The court process is handled electronically.  There are no court hearings to attend.  Even the notary service is provided on line.  Our firm has been in business for over 30 years.  When you call, you talk to live staff, not a chat service.  Give us a call at 954-946-4774.  

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