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My husband and I recently decided to end our marriage. Using the internet I clicked on the word inexpensive divorce. The result was pages and pages of companies offering their services. I clicked on a phone number which was offering a free consultation. I talked to a live operator, told her my story and they transferred me to a licensed family law mediator. I was still confused, so he told me about a book which was written in plain language. It was available on Amazon, so I knew it was legitimate. The mediator suggested that he would place the order for me, which he did.  It was the best $39.95 that I have spent.

The best part was I used their services. They refunded the full cost of the book.

Everything You Want To Know About Getting a Divorce In Florida 

Divorce, also known as dissolution of marriage, is a challenging and often emotionally charged legal process that occurs when a married couple decides to end their marriage permantely.  Navigating the divorce process in Florida requires a comprehensive understanding of state laws and procedural requirements.

In this book, we will explore the key aspectsof divorce in Florida, including the legal grounds for divorce, residency requirements and the process of fiing for divorce.

Please send me a copy of Everything You Want To Know About Getting A Divorce In Florida.


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