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On Line Notary Service
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Divorce documents must be signed in front of a Notary.  Finding a Notary that will handle legal documents can be problem.  It is also costly.  

Introducing our new On Line Notary Service.  Not only do we prepare all of the necessary documents required for a divorce in the State of Florida, we provide electronic Notary Service as well.  

You do not need to be in Florida, you can be in any State in the United States.  You do not need to be in the same location.  Your spouse can be in Oregon, you in Florida and we are at our main office in Boynton Beach, Fl.  The cost is included with each of our divorce services. 

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Use Your Smart Phone

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Use Your Computer

Allan Weltman of Divorcenters is is a Bonded Online Notary Public Insured by Travelers Casuality and Surety Co.

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