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Mediator Profile

Florida Supreme Court Certified County Mediator, Qualified Arbitrator, Family Mediator, Dispute Resolution Center Family Mediation subject Matter Specialist.

Allan J. Weltman has served as a County and Family Mediator in both the 15th and 17th Judicial Circuits for over 26 years.  He is a member of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators and served as Treasure of the Association of South Florida Mediators and Arbitrators for over 8 years.  Allan is a computer programmer and has developed marketing programs using internet technology for the past 20 years.  Mr. Weltman is acknowledged as a Special Knowledge Individual and frequently lectures on internet technology and marketing.  Allan is recognized as an expert in the field of Marketing Technology using integration of software programs and the internet.  

Allan is a member of Family Mediation Training as a trainer.  This group provides training to qualified individuals to become Family Mediators. 

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                         Allan J. Weltman

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