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A document service provided by Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators

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We provide everything you need to get divorced - conflict resolution to filing support and access to divorce experts - in one comprehensive convenient online platform. 
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Getting a divorce does not need to be complicated.  In fact, we specialize in making it uncomplicated.. Select the type of divorce you need, provide the information and we prepare all of the documents needed, including filing the documents in court electronically on your behalf.   We also provide electronic Notary service. Uncontested divorces have no court hearings to attend.  No office visits,  We use Zoom for a full video meeting .  Talk directly to a Family Law Mediator.   Free Consultation.                      

Have questions, please call us at  954- 946 4774.  Live operators answer our phones .    You may also  e mail us at  We monitor our e-mails 24/7.    We are a real company in business over 30 years in Florida.  Talk to one of our operators available 24/7.

Get a copy of our book  Everything You Want To Know About Getting A Divorce In Florida.   

Do It Yourself Simple Divorce Documents                                                                                                         

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Simple Divorce.........$299.00

Call  954-946-4774  Live Operator

Click here for a video explaining simple divorce.

If cost is at the top of your list  a Simple Divorce may be what you need. There can be no minor children of the marriage and  financial information does not need to be disclosed.  You must provide a valid form of Identification issued 6 months prior to the date of filing.

We will prepare all necessary documentation based on the information you supply us.  Documents will be sent to you via e-mail, or Priority Mail. ready to be filed in court.

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You Supply Info We Prepare Docs

Document Cost ..   $499.00   -or-

4 Payments of .......  $ 149.75

Call  954-946-4774  Live Operator

Click here for a video explaining an Uncontested Divorce.

If convenience is at the top of your list than an Uncontested Divorce is what you need. You supply your information by computer, or smart phone.  We prepare the documents based on this information.  Sign  your documents at home.  On line Notary service is provided.  Upon receipt of your signed documents, they can be filed in court.   Average divorce time is approximately 30 days .

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Everything is done for you.

With children and/or property No Court to attend. Premium Service.****

With minor children No Court Hearings to attend.  Complete Service. **

With Property No Court  Hearings             to attend.  Complete Service. **

Missing Spouse.

Call  954-946-4774   Live Operator

If convenience is at the top of your list than an Uncontested Divorce is what you need. Everything is done for you.  You supply your information by computer or smart phone. We prepare the documents based on this information.  On line Notary service is provided.  Upon receipt of your signed documents, they will be e-filed in court. There are no court hearings to attend. You will receive your divorce decree signed by a judge in 30 to 40 days   


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Most people have questions when starting a divorce.  We know this because our team has processed thousands of divorce cases since 1992.  We are a Florida based company for the past 30 years.  We have talked to hundreds of our customers after their divorce was finished.  Here’s what they have said was important to them.

1.  When they called our main number, an experienced phone operator was available to assist them.

2.  They were transferred to an experienced Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator who was able to answer their questions.

3.  An account manager was assigned to their case, who returned their phone calls and emails, when they had questions.

Our account managers treat our customers exactly how we would like to be treated.  With prompt answers and attention to the problems which can happen in divorce situations.

Cost is always important.  Our prices are higher than most document companies.  The reason is we provide a different level of service.  We do more than prepare the documents necessary for a divorce, we provide a complete service from start to finish.  Everything is done for you.  Most important is except for a simplified divorce, there are no court hearings for the parties to attend.  You do not have to leave home for the notary service.  We provide Notary Service Online, as part of our standard costs.  We file your divorce in court electronically for you. 

Time is money.  Going to court to file documents.  Taking your documents to a Notary.  Attending final hearings.  All these items can take days our of your normal routines.  That is the reason that most individuals contemplating a divorce choose Divorcenters, Inc. over online computer programs. 

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