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Much has also changed in the world of marketing, which has affected the world

of Family Law.  Gone are the days that you can rely on a sign on a building stating

"Attorney at Law", or referrals from other professionals.  The advent of the internet

which was developed by the United States government in 1960 and became

available to the public in 1980 has changed the way we advertise.  Even the Florida Bar recognized the need for attorneys to understand technology and made it mandatory that attorneys take training courses in technology


 My name is Allan J. Weltman, I am certified by the Dispute Resolution Center,  Supreme Court of Florida, as a Family Mediation Subject Matter Specialist.  My lectures are used by Mediation Training Groups and Attorney's to satisfy their                                         requirements for Technology Training.  Technology and Marketing runs in my family.  My son                                               has a Masters-Degree as a Computer Scientist and a PHD in physics. He designed the first search                           engine before the internet became public.  Today 75% of all searches on the internet use                                                     computer programs his company designed. I have been involved in electronic design for the                                               aviation and satellite Industries as computer programmer. I have designed marketing programs                                           used by numerous companies in the aviation field such as General Aviation Electronics, and the                                         Breakmate Division of the Cocoa Cola Company.  I have been a Family Mediator for the past 28                                           years and designed the first computer programs which automated the Florida Supreme Court                                             Family Law Forms.

Having lectured hundreds of attorneys in the past years on how to use internet technology to market their professional services, I realized the need for a marketing platform which can be used by Family Law attorneys and mediators.  This platform was designed so solo practitioners with limited funds could complete with the well-established firms. 


Attorney's and Mediators are trained to be experts in the fields they

provide services for.  In most cases they are not "Rainmakers".  The

professional marketing specialist who makes a phone call or electronic

inquiry into a potential customer. Our platform includes a proven internet

Website which produces electronic inquiries in a specific area.  (An area

can be a pre-determined radius around your office, or city or county.)  We

use pay per click marketing on Google and Microsoft Ads, in addition to

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We guarantee that your ad's will be

on the first page for each keyword being used on the first day that your advertising appears. Our marketing specialists will respond to all inquiry's during normal working hours live, and chat service on a 24/7 basis.  All qualified leads that can be a potential client are provided to you daily.  We understand that not all leads result in immediate revenue. Our marketing program provides continued contact with each lead using proven informational templets sent electronically for a period of six months.  This is handled by our contact management software both e-mail and SMS (text messages).   Divorcenters is a complete marketing service which you can use on an as-need basis. 


No long-term contract, just month to month. For complete information and prices, give us a call Phone  954 946 4774

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