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     Divorcenters, Inc. is different than most companies that offer to sell you divorce documents based on a computer program that uses your input, to complete the forms, charging you a fee to do this. You could have obtained these documents for free from the State of Florida. We do the work for you, start to finish. We gather your information electronically, prepare the documents, provide the notary service to sign them and file them in court electronically for you. You will receive a court case number the same day we file and receive a Final Judgment for Dissolution of marriage in an average of 30 to 40 days.

     We know that most individuals have questions regarding divorce. It is a complicated subject. Not all types of divorces are the same. We will explain the basics in this article. It should answer most of your questions. If you need additional information, we offer a limited free consultation via phone or zoom.


     1. Filing for divorce in Florida, you will see the words “Dissolution of Marriage. This is the term used for Divorce. You do not have to prove why you        are asking for a divorce. This is a “No Fault State. You state that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

     2. How do you qualify to file for a divorce in Florida? One of the parties need to be a resident of Florida for 6 months prior to the date that you file.           Do both parties have to reside in Florida? No, only one party must reside in Florida.

     3. There are two types of divorces. Uncontested and contested. Uncontested means that both parties have resolved all issues regarding the divorce and       have agreed to sign all documents required by the court. Contested divorce is when the parties have not resolved their issues. In this case, you are             relying on a Judge to decide the issues for you. We strongly suggest that you use a professional to assist you in resolving issues. You can use a Family       Mediator, or an attorney. The difference is, a Family Mediator assists both parties to resolve issues. The cost is split 50/50. An attorney can only                represent one party. The other party is “Pro-Se” This means they are acting as their own attorney. If one party has an attorney, the other party should          seek legal counsel before proceeding.

      4.  What is a “Missing Spouse” divorce. This is still regarded as a contested divorce. One party must do a diligent search to find their spouse. If this          is not possible, they can put an ad in a legal paper for 30 days. If no one answers, they file a “Motion for Default.”  The court will grant the default            and a judge will preside over a limited hearing, usually via Zoom. This type of divorce requires a knowledge of the legal system. Divorcenters                  handles the complete process for you

      5.  What is a “Simple Divorce.”  There can be no minor children, and the wife cannot be pregnant. To keep it simple, matters regarding finances,              debts, property ownership have been agreed to by the parties and they may have a separate agreement, which is not filed with the court. Divorces are        open to public scrutiny. If you do not want individuals to know your private matters use a “Simple Divorce.”  Must be filed in court by one of the              parties and both parties must attend the final hearing which takes place at a different time.

      6.  “Uncontested Divorce No Minor Children or Property.”  For a short-term marriage this is an uncomplicated divorce, which is inexpensive. This            can be done for under $1200. Including notary and court fees. If you are a, do it-yourself fan, download the documents and file them yourself. Court        fees are $409.00 in Florida.

      7.  “Uncontested Divorce with Children and or Property” This type of divorce usually requires someone who has a working knowledge of the legal          system. In other words, do not try it yourself. When you file a divorce and the court send you a notice requiring corrections, it becomes time                      consuming. If you hire professional at this time, they will change you the same cost as if you had employed them to start with.

     If you have more questions, give us a call at 954 946 4774. You can contact us by email at; Unlike document companies, we have live operators answering our phones. Please contact us if you have any questions. We serve the entire state of Florida.

     Want a quotation in writing, fill out the following form and we will send one to you via our secure site Pandadocs. No obligation, its FREE. We do not sell your information or make it available to any other parties.

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